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"I have practiced criminal defense law for nearly twenty years all over the state of Colorado. In doing so, I have handled many thousands of cases and worked closely with dozens of bail bond agents. My experiences (and those of my client's) have established that there are no more professional, honest, and capable bond agents than Cheryl and Dusty at All Pro. They have proven results on important cases, and deserve the top reputation which they have earned."
Christopher, Denver-based Criminal Defense Attorney
"Wow!!! I think that this company really is what Excellent Customer Service is truly all about. This company helped me more than any other bail bond company out there. I encourage you to explore your options and take some advice from Dusty before you make the same mistake I almost did. But please don't just take it from me, you really should check out the other many reviews to see for yourself. And to Dusty and Family you give the true meaning to Sincerity and I wish you and your family nothing but the best! Thanks again All Pro-Bails Bonds."
Dorothy - Denver, CO
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at All Pro Bail Bonds for their wonderful service and support. The phrase "Scared? Confused?" described exactly how I felt! I would recommend them to anyone!"
Kelli - Denver, CO
"It is an anxious, emotional event, when your son is arrested. But Cheryl and Dusty took away all the fear when they expressed their concern and high level of competency in dealing with the issue at hand. I felt so relieved after speaking to them and their kindness and consideration for me and my son were quite extraordinary. I value their professionalism and I also value their humanity. They are wonderful people and I am highly appreciative of the present and interaction with me."
Daniel - Atlanta, GA
"I didn't know if I would need the services of All Pro Bail bonds, but contacted them several times throughout the day. I even told them that I may not utilize their services and they were still happy to provide answers to questions and processes. When it was all said and done, I did utilize the services of All Pro and could not have been more pleased. I would highly recommend All Pro for anyone looking for help in, what can be, a complex and drawn out process. Thanks All Pro!"
Bill - Highlands Ranch, CO
"THANK GOD for "All Pro-Bail Bonds " My wife was arrested today for a 3 year old charge in another jurisdiction. We were unaware of anything existing as she has never been arrested or charged with anything (50+ years old). All I can say is if you honestly need help and are willing to commit to the right thing....give them a call first. They are a no nonsense "All Pro" bonding company."
Michael B - Aurora, CO